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“Bright Ideas has created an extended family for us. Something we never imagined a day care would provide for our family. When we first took, our then 2 year old, he was timid and hardly talking. Within one month his vocabulary flourished and he became a social butterfly. He is now 6 and has graduated from their Kindergarten program. If Bright Ideas offered education higher than Kindergarten, we would be the first to sign up. We are relieved in that we have a 3 year old who will remain with them. We know he is in good hands. Thank you Bright Ideas for all that you have done for our family.”

Raul & Liz Guerrero


“Trying to find a childcare facility can be a scary and daunting task. We looked at a lot of options before making the decision to send our two children to Bright Ideas, and I cannot speak highly enough of the entire team. They genuinely care about my children and the education they receive. The kids love to learn, play with their friends, eat Mr. Ray’s noodles, meatballs and gravy, and enjoy all of the fun extras (swimming, Spanish and gymnastics, just to name a few). When my son started kindergarten this past year, he was more than prepared from both a learning and socialization standpoint. However, what I appreciate the most about Bright Ideas is that it’s a partnership. There are open lines of communication, and the team truly understand that each child’s needs and personalities are different. Bright Ideas is more than a daycare to our family–it’s a second home.”

Heather Carleston

“I checked nineteen daycares before I picked Bright Ideas. As a very selective person who came from another country with a different culture, I had a serious reasons not to enroll my three kids in any of the nineteen that I had visited. When I visited Bright Idesa, I felt the friendly atmosphere, open communication, clean environment, and the commitment. I felt that my kids would be in ‘good hands’. After a year, I know that, yes, they are in good hands. I would like to thank every single employee at Bright Ideas. I appreciate all their efforts!”

Azizeh Soran


“When I began my search for childcare we visited several daycares. Many didn’t even question our presence, and some parents were so polite they held computerized security doors open for us to enter the premises. My co-workers recommended Bright Ideas and raved about the education their kids were receiving. We didn’t make it two steps in the door before we were stopped, questioned, ID’d, and delayed until someone could be found to give us a tour. Instead of being offended I was ecstatic about how secure I knew my children would be here. Seven years later Bright Ideas still has some of the best rates around, which allowed us to also enroll the kids in dance, Spanish, karate, and swim classes offered at the daycare. The teachers are wonderful! For years my eldest referred to her PreK3 teacher as her best friend. And one of the teachers noticed my daughter having a seizure during naptime – not an easy thing to recognize. They had me on the phone within seconds and kept her safe and comfortable until I got there. We just enrolled our third child at Bright Ideas, and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing what great hands she is in when she’s not in mine.”

Lauri Samaniego

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