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Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s early development. We realize that each child is unique with a specific set of needs. It is our sincere desire to accept the challenge and work toward the goal of meeting each of those needs.

For some children, attending Bright Ideas will be the first separation from parents and a first school experience. For others, it will be a change of childcare centers, or a transition from home care to a childcare center.


We want this to be a pleasant experience for you and your child. For this reason, we would like to share the following suggestions to help ease the adjustment.

  • Let your child visit the school with you prior to the first day of care. That will allow your child to meet the teacher and become familiar with the facilities, so when you speak with your child about Bright Ideas, s/he will be able to relate to what you are saying.

  • When you drop your child off, release them to a teacher or staff member and leave as soon as possible. The longer you stay, the longer the adjustment period will be.

  • Let your child know they are loved, and assure them that you will be back to pick them up later.

  • If your child has a favorite blanket, animal, etc., bring this with you until s/he has adjusted to Bright Ideas. 

  • Be consistent once a decision is made about day care, and follow through. Children need to know what to expect.

  • Food and drinks from home are not allowed at Bright Ideas, except for infants who are not on table food.

  • Parents are allowed to bring cupcakes — no chocolate, please — for children’s birthdays and special occasions. Please check with us about the Bright Ideas Food Allergen Policy.

  • Nap/rest time is between 11:30 and 2:00. Parents are requested not to bring children in during those hours. We do not want to disturb the other children. Please observe this rule. Children may not be dropped off at Bright Ideas during rest time.

  • Please sign your child in and our on the classroom clipboard each day.

  • Bright Ideas supports breast feeding and permits nursing mothers to nurse their babies on site, either in the nurseries or in our staff lounge. Bright Ideas also permits expressed breast milk to be stored appropriately and fed to children as requested by parents.

Remember, we, too, want what is best for your child. Please be sure to share any special needs or concerns with your child’s teacher or the Bright Ideas Director. We want to help.

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