Azizeh Soran ...

"I checked nineteen daycares before I picked Bright Ideas. As a very selective person who came from another country with a different culture, I had a serious reasons not to enroll my three kids in any of the nineteen that I had visited. When I visited Bright Idesa, I felt the friendly atmosphere, open communication, clean environment, and the commitment. I felt that my kids would be in 'good hands'. After a year, I know that, yes, they are in good hands. I would like to thank every single employee at Bright Ideas. I appreciate all their efforts!"

Lauri Samaniego ...

Happy children in San Antonio daycare

"When I began my search for childcare we visited several daycares. Many didn't even question our presence, and some parents were so polite they held computerized security doors open for us to enter the premises. My co-workers recommended Bright Ideas and raved about the education their kids were receiving. We didn't make it two steps in the door before we were stopped, questioned, ID'd, and delayed until someone could be found to give us a tour. Instead of being offended I was ecstatic about how secure I knew my children would be here.


"Seven years later Bright Ideas still has some of the best rates around, which allowed us to also enroll the kids in dance, Spanish, karate, and swim classes offered at the daycare. The teachers are wonderful! For years my eldest referred to her PreK3 teacher as her best friend. And one of the teachers noticed my daughter having a seizure during naptime – not an easy thing to recognize. They had me on the phone within seconds and kept her safe and comfortable until I got there. We just enrolled our third child at Bright Ideas, and it's a wonderful feeling knowing what great hands she is in when she's not in mine."

Mari Flores ...

"The children and families who enter Bright Ideas become a part of the Heeney extended family, and I have been part of the Bright Ideas family since 1988. Bright Ideas has united many generations.


"Working with children takes a lot of patience, love and creativity, and Bright Ideas is a place full of individuals that enjoy the gift of caring for children."

Lori Benich ...

"I dropped my first born off at Bright Ideas in April 2005 when he was 8 weeks old. Happy children at San Antonio daycareI have dropped off my son, daughter or both at Bright Ideas nearly every day over the past six and a half years. I can't imagine leaving my children anywhere else.


"Bright Ideas gives me a peace of mind I can not describe. I would trust any of their staff members with my children any day of the week. Bright Ideas doesn't just watch my children, they create an environment that gives them opportunities to learn, guidance, support, friendship and love. Bright Ideas is more than a daycare. They are family."

Kelley Liserio ...

When faced with having to find a daycare for our newborn, trust was the most important requirement for our family. We became part of the Bright Ideas family in 2007 and have since entrusted two children to the loving staff. We have watched our children grow, make great friendships, learn life lessons and love their teachers. In addition to feeling like home, the education the children receive is second to none. Entering the first grade, our son was assessed at a second grade reading level and was even selected to tutor other students. We love Bright Ideas and have been so blessed to be part of their family!

Julie Ring ...

Happy children with teachers  at San Antonio daycare"We have been part of the Bright Ideas family for many years, and each year, we love them more and more. When we were looking for a daycare for our daughter, we visited many centers, but we fell in love with Bright Ideas, because the teachers were warm, friendly, and caring.


"Through the years our daughter fell in love with the entire staff, learned to read and write, and became totally prepared for school. And, when our son was diagnosed with having suffered a stroke, not only did Bright Ideas welcome him with open arms, but they vowed to work with him and help him fit in with the rest of his classmates. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we are fortunate to have the Bright Ideas family helping to raise ours!"

Eileen & Wayne Faught ...

"Bright Ideas Children's Enrichment Center has been an integral part of our family since 1999. My husband and I were stationed in Nebraska for four years and returned to San Antonio with our four-year-old daughter. Upon my return to work, I really Teacher with chldren at San Antonio daycaredidn't have a place for her to go, so I called Eileen Heeney at Bright Ideas. Almost to her maximum capacity, Eileen found an opening. the Heeneys and the qualified staff they employ are such an asset. our daughter stayed at Bright Ideas through kindergarten. When she attended first grade, her teachers praised how the program at Bright Ideas had prepared her.


"Our second child was born in 2002, and he, too, went through the entire Bright Ideas program from the age of three months through kindergarten.San Antonio daycare with swimming pool


"Both our children have excelled in school. I commend Bright Ideas for the basics our children received in Ms. Anna Marie's kindergarten class.


"Our second child completed kindergarten at Bright Ideas in August, 2008, and I walked out with tears in my eyes, knowing I would miss the camaraderie of the staff. I still drop by for a visit every once in a while.


"Thank you, Bright Eyes, for being such a fundamental part of our children's lives!"

Itza Gutierrez-Andrade ...

"Once we found Bright Ideas, we knew enrolling our kids at any other daycare was simply not an option. Bright Ideas is like a home away from home for my three children.

Children playing at San Antonio daycare"It's not just a day care. Bright Ideas creates a vibrant environment for children of all ages to learn while they play. I give the Pre-K and Kinder programs an A+! There is singing, dancing, reading, writing, math, and amazing crafts that add up to lots of learning and fun memories.


"All three of my children graduated the Bright Ideas Kinder program with strong reading, writing, and math skills. They were more than prepared for first grade.


"My husband and I love the fact that Bright Ideas is family-owned and employs teachers who truly care about children and their educational growth.


"Oh, and, Bright Ideas has THE BEST meatballs and noodles in town!"